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STMS Logistics a soutenu le pavillon allemand lors du Forum E-learning Africa qui s’est tenu à Dakar

logistique evenementielle -forum elearning africa 2024

Dédouanement, Manutention, Transport et Support du Personnel pour le Pavillon au Forum E-learning Africa

STMS team prepared customs clearance, handling, transport and bought staff inside the fair for the build up of the pavillon.
Later on, we dissambled and reorganized the cargo and checked with csutoms the consumed goods and declared the temporary admission goods seperately to be re-exported back to origin. Reloading of the container was done in a perfect way to be organized for customs inspection and we have made the lashing & securing accordingly.

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Our Services for the E-learning Africa Forum

Our experienced team managed every step of the logistics process, from the arrival of the goods until their return to Germany. Here is an overview of our services:
Customs clearance: We have taken care of all the necessary customs formalities to ensure problem-free entry of goods from Germany.
Handling and Transportation: We ensured the secure transportation of equipment and materials from the port to the event location. Our team also took care of on-site handling for a hassle-free installation.
Personnel Support: We brought back qualified personnel to assist with the construction of the German pavilion, ensuring everything was up to requirements and standards.
Dismantling and Reorganizing: At the end of the event, we dismantled the pavilion and reorganized the cargo. We checked the consumed goods with customers and prepared the items for re-export.
Re-export: Goods under temporary admission have been carefully declared and prepared for return to Germany.

Perfect Management of Reloading and Customs Inspection

Le rechargement du conteneur a été effectué avec une précision maximale pour faciliter l'inspection douanière. Nous avons également assuré l'arrimage et la sécurisation des marchandises pour leur voyage de retour, garantissant qu'elles arrivent en parfait état.

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