Your Freight Forwarder Senegal - France

STMS Logistics is a transit company specializing in the transport of goods between Senegal and France. They offer logistics and forwarding services to facilitate the movement of goods between these two countries. Their expertise in the field of international transport can be beneficial for companies seeking to import or export goods between Senegal and France.


Whether you are importing products from Senegal to France or exporting goods from France to Senegal, we offer tailor-made solutions to meet your needs.

Integrated Logistics Services

We offer a full range of logistics services in Senegal with STMS Logistics, ensuring smooth management of your goods through Senegal-France customs. Our international shipping expertise and extensive network allows us to efficiently manage freight consolidation and ro-ro shipping to Africa and beyond.
Entreposage Sénégal et Solutions Logistiques

Air freight France to Senegal

At Transitaire France-Sénégal, we understand the importance of having efficient air freight solutions for your shipments between Senegal and France. Whether you need to import goods from Senegal to France or export products from France to Senegal, we offer tailor-made air freight services to meet your specific needs.

Sea Freight France to ​Senegal

STMS Logistics offers sea freight services between Senegal and France, meeting the import-export needs of companies with efficiency and reliability. As an experienced ocean freight forwarder, we transport containers and other goods through the ports of Dakar and Le Havre, two essential maritime shipping hubs in this region.

Facilitate your Customs Clearance Operations between France and Senegal with STMS Logistics

STMS Logistics simplifies and accelerates your customs clearance processes between Senegal and France thanks to our specialized expertise and our network of strategically located partners. As an industry leader, we understand the critical importance of efficient customs management to ensure the smooth flow of your international trade. We take care of the entire customs clearance process, from preparation and submission of documents to coordination with customs authorities, ensuring full compliance with local and international regulations.

Approved customs broker

Our experienced and dedicated team ensures that your goods are processed efficiently, minimizing delays and additional costs. With STMS Logistics, you can rest assured that your customs clearance operations are in safe hands, allowing you to focus on growing your business with complete peace of mind.
Entreposage Sénégal et Solutions Logistiques au Sénégal - Location d’Entrepôts au Sénégal et Entreposage de Fret
Your Trusted Warehousing Solution in France - Senegal
Whether your goods are stored in a bonded or private warehouse in Senegal, we are the right partner to provide you with such a service.