Fret Aérien Sénégal

Air freight Senegal

STMS Logistics offers air freight services in Senegal, including at the main DSS airport. They handle import and export shipments worldwide, with instant bookings and options for urgent shipments. They also deal with special goods like fresh, perishable, dangerous products,  ...

fret maritime Sénégal

Sea Freight Senegal

At STMS Logistics, we provide comprehensive sea freight services in Senegal. We offer a variety of options tailored to your specific needs, including LCL consolidation, FCL container with special equipment, and management of dangerous goods and oversized cargo.

Road Freight Senegal

STMS Logistics offers a robust road freight service in Senegal, providing complete end-to-end solutions for clients. Their services include customized cargo transport, tailored to complex international needs, including oversized cargo and dangerous goods.

Dédouanement Sénégal-Commissionnaire Agréé en Douane

Customs clearance Senegal

STMS Logistics provides a specialized customs clearance service in Senegal. They have a dedicated team to supervise all customs shipments, offering assistance for both temporary admission and definitive import. They can handle a variety of goods, including those related to Oil & Gas, Agro, Mining, Pharma, and Industrial sectors.

Transitaire Sénégal

Freight Forwarding Senegal

STMS Logistics excels in Senegal’s freight forwarding sector, streamlining goods transit with expert navigation of shipping regulations and BESC compliance. Their specialized warehousing and logistics services cater to a wide range of customer requirements, ensuring secure and efficient shipment management.

BESC Sénégal et Cote d'Ivoire

BESC Senegal & Ivory Cost

Certainly! Here’s the translation in English:

"The BESC, or Electronic Cargo Tracking Note, is a mandatory document for all maritime shipments to Senegal and Ivory Coast. It serves as a tracking and control mechanism to ensure that all imported goods comply with national regulations and standards.

Transport exceptionnel et projets industriels Sénégal

Warehousing and Contract Logistics

STMS Logistics offers tailored warehousing and contract logistics services, providing solutions that include the design and planning of supply chains, warehousing, transportation, distribution, order processing, payment collection, and inventory management. we ensure that your goods of various sectors such as Oil & Gas, Agro,

Transit vers le Mali et Gambie

Transit to Mali

STMS Logistics offers transit services to Mali, ensuring efficient and reliable transportation for various types of cargo. With their expertise in the region, they provide seamless logistics solutions, including customs clearance and compliance with all necessary regulations for cross-border shipments

Entreposage et Solutions Logistiques Sénégal

Project cargo and industriel Projects

STMS Logistics excels in managing project cargo and industrial projects, offering customized transport and logistical support to ensure the successful execution of complex operations. Their services are designed to meet the unique demands of each project, ensuring efficiency and reliability throughout the process.