Transit to Bamako

STMS Logistics guarantees a reliable transit service to Mali, taking advantage of the port of Dakar, which is ideally positioned for the safe unloading of containers. Our commitment to logistical efficiency ensures safe delivery to Mali's capital, Bamako, or any other destination in Mali.

Senegal, an essential hub for Mali

Mali, which has no seaports, relies mainly on Senegal as a transit country.

STMS Logistics facilitates this process by ensuring a smooth transition from Dakar to Malian destinations, thereby optimising your supply chain.

Transit to mali - transit to bamako
transit to bamako - transit to mali

Customised logistics management for Mali

STMS Logistics offers total flexibility when it comes to transport. Depending on your requirements, opting for either Dakar to Bamako route is by no means an easy task. Our commitment is to offer you tailor-made logistics solutions to effectively meet your specific needs and, above all, to have unrivalled transparency and follow-up.

Manage the Transit to Bamako

Navigate efficiently across borders with our transit service to Mali. From border management to delivery, our team ensures a smooth and compliant transit experience. This efficiency will save you time and money because you won't pay extra fees for inefficiencies.

Real-time tracking and total transparency

Stay informed every step of the way with our real-time tracking system. We believe in total transparency, giving our customers complete visibility of their goods throughout the logistics process.

Air freight Mali- Bamako

STMS Logistics is able to assist you for all your clearance and delivery within Mali and especially Bamako area. We have done so many shipments to various multinational companies operating in the region and all shipments went in good order. Transparency is the key and we operate with trustful and certified companies so we can perform an excellent job without hassle. Security is the most important part and we chose our vendors carefully. STMS Logistics is the right choice for you and your customers…
Air freight mali - air freight bamako
customs clearance mali - customs clearance bamako

Customs clearance Mali - Bamako

Customs clearance in Mali is not an easy task and you need a reliable and certified broker to arrange all related documentation and obtain the approval from the Malian customs. Bamako region is of course easier to perform clearance since it is the capital city, however, we need all the required documentation to be able to study each shipment and make sure of its acceptance at the border. The work is therefore done prior of arrival in Dakar port and constantly updated to you until the delivery is performed and the container is back to its origin in Dakar.

Project Cargo Mali

STMS Logistics have the right team to prepare any kind of project in Senegal and Mali. When it is out of gauge, this is where we are here to support and can make sure all parties involved are performing well their related duties.