Warehousing and Logistics Solutions in Senegal

STMS Logistics offers first-class warehousing solutions to meet all your requirements. Our private and bonded warehouse solutions ensure total customer satisfaction.

Support Logistics for Multinationals

Whether you are a multinational operating in various fields, count on the experienced STMS Logistics team to assist you in your logistics support. We provide a cohesive supply chain to meet your unique challenges.

Contract Logistics in Senegal

The needs of contract logistics in Senegal are increasing, and STMS Logistics is here to support you from A to Z. Take advantage of our expertise to save time in your growing commercial activity.
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Secure Product Storage and Temperature-Controlled Storage

For secure storage of sensitive products, opt for our temperature-controlled solutions. Our goods warehouse offers optimal conditions for the conservation of your goods, with enhanced security.

Supply Chain Management and Personalized Services

As a reputed logistics company, we provide complete supply chain management. From warehousing to transport, our services are adapted to your requirements. Take advantage of personalized solutions to optimize your supply chain.

Warehouse Rental in Senegal and Freight Storage

Need additional space? Explore our warehouse rental service in Senegal. We also facilitate freight warehousing, ensuring smooth logistics for your projects.
Contact us to Optimize Your Supply Chain
Trust STMS Logistics to optimize your supply chain. Contact us today to discuss your specific logistics needs and find out how we can be your trusted partner in logistics, transit and warehousing.

Distribution Logistics and Coordination of Logistics Flows

Our expertise is not limited to warehousing; we also excel in distribution logistics and coordination of logistics flows. Ensure your products reach their destination safely and on time.

Security and Transport Ops – Logistics Operations Management

Safety is our priority. Our transport operations are designed to guarantee the safety of your goods. Logistics operations management is integrated at every stage for seamless execution.
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Project, Supply Chain and Shipping

Whether it's project management, supply chain optimization, or shipping, trust us with your logistics needs. [Name of your company] is your trusted partner in Senegal.

Logistics Company in Dakar – Your Partner for Efficient Transport

Based in Dakar, we are a leading logistics company, ready to offer you quality storage, shipping, and logistics management services.
Your Trusted Warehousing Solution in Senegal
Whether your goods are stored in a bonded or private warehouse in Senegal, we are the right partner to provide you with such a service.