Besc Senegal: Simplify Your Customs Clearance Formalities

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In the complex world of international trade, navigating through customs formalities can often be a significant challenge for businesses. However, with STMS Logistics by your side, the experience is transformed into a smooth and hassle-free process, especially with our Electronic Cargo Tracking Note (BESC) service for Senegal and Ivory Coast.

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BESC in Senegal: Simplifying Export and Import Procedures

The Senegal Electronic Cargo Tracking (BESC) is an essential electronic document for maritime shipments to Senegal. It is used to collect accurate data on the goods aboard a vessel before their arrival at the port. With STMS Logistics, the procedure to obtain and process the BESC is transparent and efficient.
Grâce à notre expertise locale et à notre connaissance approfondie des réglementations douanières sénégalaises, nous simplifions le processus de dédouanement pour nos clients. Que vous soyez un exportateur ou un importateur, nous nous assurons que vos marchandises atteignent leur destination finale en toute conformité et dans les délais impartis.

BESC Ivory Coast: Speed Up Your Trade Transactions

In addition to our BESC service in Senegal, we also offer similar solutions for Ivory Coast. With our expertise in electronic customs declarations, we facilitate export and import procedures to this rapidly growing West African country.

Whether you are shipping goods to Abidjan, San Pedro, or other Ivorian ports, our dedicated team ensures that your shipments are handled with the utmost care and in compliance with local regulations. We work closely with our clients to ensure a smooth transition through customs formalities, thereby minimizing delays and unexpected costs.
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